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GCS has a wide range of hydrovac trucks to meet the demands of any project.

In the last 20 years, the excavation process has greatly changed. There is far more emphasis on safety and the protection of utilities, pipelines, structural elements, and trees. Because of the inherent dangers of traditional mechanical excavation methods, hydrovac excavation has become an essential part of almost all excavation projects. Hydrovac excavation provides a safe and cost-effective method to keep your jobsite safe year-round.
Hydrovac excavation is the process of using pressurized water and a vacuum to remove soil, debris, and other materials from the ground. Most often it is used to expose or “daylight” underground utilities. Prior to the development of hydrovac technology, existing utilities were most commonly exposed by using hand excavation methods. However, there are inherent drawbacks to using shovels and pickaxes to expose utilities: Hand shoveling is slow, labor intensive, and expensive. And, there was still no guarantee that no damage would be done to existing utilities. Conduits and cables can be broken or pierced by a sharp shovel and pipeline coatings can be damaged. The use of a hydrovac to perform this work eliminates those hazards and frees up critical manpower to perform other tasks.
Hydrovacs are used in a wide variety of scenarios and jobsites. Traditionally, they are used to expose or daylight underground utilities. However, they are also used for a variety of other excavation scenarios such as cleaning/steaming out culverts, conduits, and duct banks; Sucking out water and debris from catch basins, manholes, and drainage systems; Safely disposing of contaminated solid and liquid materials; trenching in locations that are too small or narrow for buckets or shovels; creating pot holes, vault holes, and push/pull pits for directional drilling and utility installations; Cleaning and purging of tanks without having to use manpower in a confined space.

There are several benefits to using a hydrovac on your construction project:

The use of hydrovacs to daylight utilities can save you money in two ways: You will reduce your labor costs as long hours are not spent hand digging with shovels for hours, and you will reduce the amount of materials cost for backfilling. A 6”–8” wide slot trench created by a hydrovac removes a fraction of the materials dug up by hand methods. Not only are you saving on long labor hours hand digging utilities, but you also save money on the back end of the work by not having to pay for laborers to place and compact all of the dug up materials by hand. As well, depending on the utilities that have been exposed, the utility owner may require specific, non-native, granular materials to be used to surround and cover the utility. In which case, there is additional backfill materials cost associated with hand digging compared to a hydrovac slot trench.
The benefits to any construction schedule when comparing hydrovac excavation to hand digging methods are remarkable. What would take 3-4 hours to hand dig with 2 laborers can be done in 15 minutes with a hydrovac. In some scenarios where access or the work area is narrow and tight, this disparity only grows in favor of a hydrovac. Depending on the size and duration of your project the schedule benefit can increase exponentially.
Hydrovac use is powerful, versatile, efficient, and cost effective. GCS has a wide range of hydrovac trucks to meet the demands of any project. Give us a call if you would like meet with us or would like some advice on how meet the excavation requirements of your next project.