Edmonton Concrete Company

With Decades Of Experience…

In Commercial, Municipal, Residential & Industrial Concrete Work, GCS Group Has The Expertise To Deliver The Following Scopes:

Concrete Construction

GCS provides precision concrete construction in flat work, foundations, retaining walls and meridians for our commercial and public sector clients as well as small scale concrete work for the private sector such as driveways, patios, and ramps.

Concrete Remediation

Winters wreak havoc here and constant freeze/thaw cycle can sometimes cause major damage to existing concrete and infrastructure. Damage caused by water main breaks, settlement and drainage issues are all common problems we work to resolve and repair. Our expert field personnel are able to assess damaged areas and provide recommendations for any remediation work needed – whether its an emergency watermain repair in the dead of winter or proactive maintenance on an aging structure.

Specialty Concrete

We work closely with clients to design driveways, pathways, patios, steps, and ramps to suit their needs. Customer can choose from a variety of colour tones, decorative stamping patterns and exposed aggregate finishes for their outdoor spaces.

Concrete Removal

Concrete does not last forever and often it needs to be removed and then replaced. We are proud to recycle 100% of concrete removed from our job sites through concrete recycling facilities in our area, lessening the footprint of our work and making it more sustainable.