Edmonton Excavation Company

GCS Has The Capacity & Experience…

To Handle Any Excavation Project

Bulk excavation

Whether you need a home basement excavated, a deep condominium underground parking lot, or excavating around utilities, GCS can handle the job.

Having the right gear for the job is important. We have access to any size of excavator, loader, and trucking to move and dispose of thousands of tonnes of dirt.

Detailed excavation

The devil is in the details. Whether you need sidewalks or driveway, swales, site grading, property rough grading, utility trenches, grade beams, or structural components excavated, being accurate and consistent saves money.
GCS has a long history of completing the following scopes of work:

Delivering accurate excavations saves everyone money. As an excavation company, we are always striving to be more accurate and efficient in our detailed excavations. Reduced equipment and labor costs allow us to pass on the savings to our clients. As well, our clients save additional money in material costs as they continue their projects. This includes placing an accurate amount of gravel, topsoil, or concrete.

Proper equipment

Having the right piece of equipment is essential for completing a job properly and efficiently. We take great care to choose the right piece of equipment for each job. This includes choosing the proper type of excavators, the right size, and the right attachments.

GCS has a fleet of skidsteers for all excavation types and situations. We have small and narrow stand-behind skidsteers for tight spots and poor access projects, track skidsteers and low-pressure skidsteers for use on golf courses and other pressure-sensitive jobs, and the standard tire skid steers for all of our general type work. All our skidsteers are under 5 years old and we take pride in the maintenance of our equipment. We value using high-quality equipment to produce high-quality results.

We can handle any project of any size. GCS has a range of excavator sizes from mini excavators (3 tonne) to full size bulk excavation excavators (90 tonne). Choosing the right size excavator is essential to a successful project. Are there limits on access? How much materials is being excavated? Is the material being loaded into trucks? What kind of trucks are being used? How much reach do you need? What are the dimensions of the excavation? What are the ground conditions? Can they ground handle a heavier excavator? What about swing radius limits? Do you need a zero tail-swing excavator? Are there utilities above and/or below? GCS has the expertise to look at your project and to choose the right excavator for whatever your job requires.
All our asphalt is installed to the highest of standards. This includes providing asphalt that is fresh and hot. We never use left over asphalt from other projects or asphalt that does not meet the highest standards and specifications. We coordinate our projects so that our asphalt trucks sit on site for the minimal amount of time possible. Good coordination allows the asphalt to be placed at the optimum temperature and provide the highest amount of time to compact the product. We use mechanical asphalt screeding machines (pavers) whenever possible to provide as smooth a product as possible and to reduce the number of seams on each project. GCS only uses ride on mechanical smooth drum/pneumatic packers for compacting asphalt. The type and sizes of the compactor(s) is chosen based on the size of the project and the thickness of the asphalt being placed. Each project is unique, and we choose the right equipment for each job.
The use of the right attachment can swing a project from being a struggle to highly efficient. The right attachment can expedite any project and make the project look clean, crisp, and professional. GCS has a wide range of attachments for all its excavators. This includes trenching buckets of various sizes, hydraulic twist buckets, hydraulic thumbs, hydraulic compactors, breaker hammers, scoops and sieves, and post hole augers.