Edmonton Concrete Parking Lot Company

Most Parking Lots…

Have Several Concrete Elements That Will Require Maintenance & Repair Over Time.

Although the concrete may not be the largest component of your parking lot, it can often be the most noticeable. Most people decide if they are willing to spend money at a business by the first impressions that they get. A well-maintained parking lot will attract more customers, as they are more willing to park in a space that they do not perceive as being run down and neglected.

Due to the contrast with the asphalt, the white/grey of the concrete elements, it is the concrete that they see first. Are your Parking curbs cracked, broken, or worn down? Is your concrete median broken exposing large cracks with weeds growing? Do you have heaving or settlement in your sidewalk causing tripping hazards or water pooling?

GCS can provide you with both an assessment and solution for your parking lot concrete maintenance and repair needs. All our employees are highly experienced, professional, and competent. We will meet with you on-site and provide you with solutions that are honest, transparent, and cost-effective. As a family run company, we understand the need to work around your schedule, and our crews will accommodate you to minimize the impact to your business.

Areas To Look At…

When Considering Your Parking Lot Maintenance & Repair:

Sidewalks & Medians

Concrete sidewalks and medians are a major part of your sales strategy. Sidewalks are used every day by both employees and customers. Cracks can be unseemly and are usually a sign of underlying issues or poor workmanship that will continue to expand.

Once cracks form in concrete sidewalks, it is only a matter of time before they become susceptible to freeze/thaw cycles and the destructive power of freezing water. Melting water can saturate your gravel or clay sub base and then force your concrete sidewalks to heave, periods of rain in the summer can cause erosion underneath your sidewalks causing them to become a safety hazard.

Any scenario where cracks, settlement, or heaving has occurred has the potential to reduce your bottom line and potentially place your company at risk of liability should someone injure themselves due to an unmaintained sidewalk. On the other hand, a well-maintained sidewalk provides an image of professionalism and good management.

Customers are more willing to spend money at what they perceive as a first-rate company and the first impressions they get from your concrete sidewalks play a large role in that perception. 

Parking Curbs

Concrete parking curbs create a perception and sense of order and organization in your parking lot.

Customers and employees do not want to have to guess where to park. Concrete curbs not only help eliminate confusion from drivers, but they help expedite the flow of traffic in and out of your parking lot.

The more efficiently customers can get into and out of the parking lot will have a direct effect on the volume of clients in your business.

As well, we highly recommend replacing your existing parking curbs as soon as any damage has occurred to them. Concrete debris can cause damage to vehicles and become tripping hazards in the parking lot.

They are inexpensive and as with all maintenance, budgeting for replacing a few to year is far more manageable than replacing all of them at once.