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GCS Has Completed Concrete Work For…

EPCOR, AECOM, Graham & City Of Edmonton

Concrete is used just about everywhere.
It is apart of every home, road, sidewalk, building, and most people’s yards. Concrete is extremely versatile, durable, and plentiful. Beautiful concrete work can add huge value and functionality to any home or business.

Like most construction activities, most people can venture out and complete a basic concrete job on their own with a little research and help from friends. But there is often a large difference in the quality and finish of concrete work done by a professional than by a venturesome home or small business owner. GCS has over a hundred years of combined concrete construction experience.

Whether you are looking to replace your existing driveway and sidewalks, building a new building and need grade beams, structural foundations, or are looking for some specialty concrete work, GCS has the experience and professionalism to complete any concrete work.
GCS has completed work for major clients such as EPCOR, AECOM, Graham, the City of Edmonton, and many of the surrounding municipalities. We adhere to the highest of engineering standards and have a rich history of producing concrete products that meet the highest levels of excellence and workmanship.

Good concrete always starts with a good base. You can place all the gravel you want, but if you do not have a well compacted and stable sub-grade, then your concrete is doomed to fail. In every project that we work on, we remove any unsuitable materials such as organics and topsoil. If new material is needed, we bring in clean engineered fill materials that are of a low to medium plastic grade. Before any gravel is placed, a sheep foot packer is run over the subgrade multiple times to ensure optimum density and firmness.

Once there is a good base to work on, gravel is placed, watered, and compacted in thicknesses of no greater than 6” at a time. This sequence is of great importance. Reaching optimum density in the gravel allows for the maximum amount of “rock on rock” contact to disperse the downward force exerted on the concrete.

Steel reinforcement is added if required. If there is any scenario where you believe there will be any lateral or tensile forces being applied to your concrete than steel reinforcement will be required. Be aware that concrete has very little tensile strength. If you are unsure, there is never a negative effect to adding more steel.

Placing and finishing concrete is the real finesse work on concrete construction. A simple troweled or broom finish can take some practice, but specialized concrete finishes are where a real professional is worth their pay and can create that “wow” factor. Some forms of specialized finishes are exposed aggregates, polished finish, colored concrete, concrete overlays, and stamped concrete.

Do you want your concrete pad or sidewalks to have the shape of paving stones, wood planks, or textured rock? Do you want a textured surface for better traction? Do you want some subtle coloring to highlight your concrete and move away from the standard dull grey? Give GCS a call and we will gladly send one of our experts to meet with you to discuss the options to complete any concrete project ideas you have.