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Small-Scale Carpentry Services. We Work Closely
With Our Clients To Provide Our Services In The Following Areas:


Create a great space for friends and neighbors with a deck for your home. We think decks are great addition to a house. Decks are a great way to make your house the center of attention in summer with all of your friends and family. Decks also potentially add more value to your home!


Need a little extra privacy? GSC can build the fence you’ve always wanted. Keep unwanted visitors out while protecting the things your property. Not only will a fence add protection, but you can add to the overall appearance of the house. Fences are an incredible way to create a more modern home that increases in value as well.


Extend the living space of your house so you can spend more time outside in comfort. Pergolas are a great way to spend some time outdoors as you can stay cool even on a hot day. While pergolas certainly add a unique appeal to your home, they also can potentially contribute to your home’s net value.