Edmonton Residential Fibre Optic Company

GCS Has Worked With Major Telecommunications Companies…

Such As TELUS & Rogers Throughout BC, Alberta, & Ontario.

The demand for lightning fast internet speeds from residential consumers is compounded every year. With more users at home, increase in home businesses and increase in internet-based communication residential users expect high quality, reliable, and most important instantaneous speed. GCS General Contracting Services provides fiber to the home (FTTH) installation services for homeowners in new and existing residential neighborhoods.

Across Canada people are talking about 5G networks and new high-speed fiber lines being installed to ensure that homeowners have secure, reliable and high speed internet for students completing studies online, for home based business owners’ ability to stay competitive, for loved ones being able to connect with each other virtually – there are a numerous reasons why upgrading the fiber optic infrastructure across Canada is critical.

With federal and provincial governments making a greater commitment to telecom infrastructure upgrades to these new fiber optic services rarely come at a cost to the customer. Currently, telecom companies are offering homeowners upgrade options that are covered 100%. Once a homeowner makes the decision to upgrade their services then we come out to access their property and determine the most efficient means of installation. Whenever possible, we offer to install the new conduits via horizontal directional drilling. This method of installation allows GCS to install your new fiber optics with little to no disturbance to your existing yard, driveway, sidewalks, and landscaping. There are no messy trenches or large pieces of equipment.

Qualified Installers

Fiber optic cabling installations require highly skilled and fully qualified installers. The techniques needed to professionally install them for immediate and effective use require expertise and experience that only certain people have. All our technicians are highly trained and certified with years of experience following the strict safety and design standards as laid out by the telecom industry.

A "Go-To" Contractor

GCS has worked with major telecommunications companies such as TELUS and Rogers throughout B.C., Alberta, and Ontario installing new fiber optic conduits and cables. We have been a “go-to” contractor because of our commitment to safety, quality, and professional excellence. If you have any questions about having fiber optics run from your home to your business give GCS a call and one of our experts will meet you on-site to provide you with solutions that work for you.