In recent years and for the road ahead, GCS has implemented a multi-phased plan as
our commitment to the continuous improvements of our
safety program and culture.

Our plan is based on feedback from our workers, our supervisors and our clients
and is an ambitious plan to have a program that is proactive, engaging, and practical.

Some of these improvements have included:

  • The addition of HSE personnel to our team

  • Integration of a user friendly HRIS system and Learning Management System to provide consistent training and orientation for all employees

  • Successful transition to an online safety documentation and management platform

  • Implementation of a comprehensive in-house training and mentoring system

  • Increased safety training requirements for all workers

  • Increased project orientation and training requirements prior to project kick-off including training for project managers and supervisors

  • Increasing the frequency of safety audits and follow-up on customer work sites

  • Real time analysis of corrective actions and lessons learned through an intuitive management process and documented accountability