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How to begin your parking lot maintenance

GCS will provide you with both an assessment and solution for your parking lot maintenance and repair needs. As a family run company, we understand the need to work around your schedule, and our crews will accommodate you to minimize the impact to your business.


Most people decide if they are willing to spend money at a business by the first impressions that they get. Second to the external look of your building, your parking lot is what they see. Does your parking lot give the impression of professionalism and a company that cares about their customers? A parking lot in need of repair and maintenance gives the impression of lack of resources or priority on profits instead of the having consideration for customers, their children, and the vehicles.

A well-maintained parking lot will attract more customers, as they are more willing to park in a space where they are not concerned about potholes, faded parking lanes, and uneven ground. Mothers often make decisions on where to shop by where there is easy access for children and where there are no obstacles or dangers when using a stroller. This will show in an increase in profits. Over the long term, the increase in initial and repeat business greatly offs the cost of parking lot maintenance and repair.

Parking lots that are not well maintained also hold water during/after rainstorms because water no longer drains well. Customers and employees will choose not to park in a parking lot if they perceive that they will have to walk through puddles of muddy water to get to your building.

While installing the gravel base, we make sure to use approved crushed gravel by recognized gravel suppliers. All granular products are installed in even lifts with a maximum thickness of 150mm/lift. Each lift is then watered and compacted with smooth drum mechanical compactors until optimum density is achieved.

Over the long term, parking lot maintenance is far cheaper than complete removal and replacement. As with most things, identifying and correcting small issues are cost efficient. However, parking lot repair issues are prone to expanding and becoming expensive issues if left unattended. Potholes are a great example of this. A small pothole can be repaired for a very low cost. However, as the freeze/thaw cycle occurs throughout the winter months, salty water fills the pothole and freezes, causing the pothole to expand. This can happen multiple times every month during the winter. As well, as spring starts, the ground softens, and the running water can cause erosion of the subbase within and around the pothole. Left unattended, water left in potholes can undermine the surrounding area, thereby causing further parking lot decay.

Parking lot maintenance can be done with minimal to no-impact on your business. Repairs can be done during non-business hours and impact only small portions of your parking lot. Revenue generation is minimally impacted, if at all, with regular maintenance and repair. However, full removal and replacement will cause substantial reduction or closure of your parking lot for multiple days. This will impact your profits on top of the cost of replacement.

Parking lots that are not maintained also see additional damage during snow removal. Skid steers, loaders, and large dump trucks will increase the size of existing damaged areas. Skid steers and loaders will expand potholes as they scrape the surface of the parking lot and catch the edges of the asphalt with their blades. Large trucks will expand the areas of alligator cracking and weakened/compromised sub-grades.