Edmonton Fibre Optics Company

Fibre optic cable is comprised of a glass strand about the size of a hair over which lasers transmit light in different wavelengths to provide communications services. Through these cables, large amounts of data can safely and securely be transmitted over long distances. Fibre optic cable is the medium over which all present-age digital media (including voice and data services) are delivered. Copper and coaxial cable, which previously were the method to provide these services, suffer decibel loss (noise) that limits the distance over which they can reasonably provide these services.

Early telecommunications companies provided voice services over copper and some were owned by the provinces to ensure that all citizens received a connection. As technology advanced, cable companies started up and used coaxial cable to provide their connectivity. The computer age brought us the internet; cellular networks were constructed with both advances in technology and customer needs bringing about the demand for more competition in the voice and data markets.

More and more businesses count on high-speed, reliable internet connectivity to transmit information to clients and vendors over longer distances and at higher bandwidths. GCS General Contracting Services has the fiber optic cable installation expertise that your business & residential needs.

There are two main ways to connect your business for new or upgraded fiber services:

Our preference is always to provide with the most efficient methodology to meet your needs. For buried access, we can install the new conduits via traditional open trenching or by using horizontal directional drilling. Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) eliminates the need for intrusive open trenches and all the equipment and manpower that goes with it. Without the need for open trenches, there is no need to close parking lots or disrupt client access or volumes. As well, there is no need for expensive replacement of sidewalk panels, parking lot structures or high-end landscaping. Our aim is to provide the most efficient and cost sensitive options to every client.


GCS provides testing, maintenance, splicing and installation of both underground and aerial fibre optic service to a variety of commercial partners.


GCS works as an approved and trusted fibre optic installer for the three primary telecom providers in Canada to connect our clients and communities to the latest high speed technology. For our partners this means we are able to support their network upgrades through our drilling, hydrovac, tie-in and aerial teams.